Return Policy

Returns and refunds

1. Returns rules

According to the Consumer Protection Law, sign the package date within 7 days, please confirm receipt of the goods with or without access, in case of product defects / damaged packaging / wrong products, please send a photo of the goods sent to London blue tea industry Customer Service Email we will help you to confirm the replacement as soon as possible.

Tea products are natural agricultural products. After opening, they will be affected by time, air, moisture, brewing water quality and other factors, so please pay special attention to consumers. (The 7-day appreciation period is not a trial period) If you do not meet the requirements of your shopping, please do not unpack the complete gift box product, please keep the integrity of the product (including invoices, packaging, and if there is a gift Other accessories, gifts, etc.) will be returned to the goods: 600 Chiayi Road, Siwei Road, No. 364 Dunlan tea industry, we will receive a refund, as soon as possible to help you apply for return.


● If the packaging inside the gift box has been opened or used marks, the company will not accept the return.

2. How to apply for return after refund? When will refund?

● Orders for (credit card online payment), refund method (online brush back).

The customer service will issue a credit card refund notification after the credit card is refunded. The time for refund of the payment will vary due to the processing time of the issuing bank. For more information, please contact the issuing bank for more information.

● The order is (hypermarket and post office delivery or ATM transfer payer), the refund method is (account refund).

*Please provide your customer service your bank / post office account, refund the amount we will transfer to your account.

3. If you apply for return, shipping will be returned together?

● If the goods are defective / damaged / the contents of the returned reason, shipping will be returned together.

● If the return preferences due to different tastes, shipping costs will not be returned.


4. Order finished late to receive the goods how to do?

● If the address is invalid and can not sign for parcel address, please contact customer service as soon as possible and confirm the delivery method and time.