Find the Bole, sometimes more important than the Maxima, the same, find a good tea, and sometimes more important than the product packaging and advertising copy important!

Tea has always been an indispensable basic ingredient in daily life since the beginning of the millennium. With the change of times and eating habits, the change of drinking tea has become simple with the evolution of various business models. However, Close health, money and the original original intention of drinking tea.

Good tea - is really learning! Prerequisite You can buy good tea, tea ceremony - is also a knowledge, the focus is that tea can be genuine.

Taiwan has proud mountain oolong tea, such as Alishan, Lishan, Dayu Ridge, Sun Moon Lake tea, oriental beauty tea ... and so on, because the first people hard work cultivation and continuous improvement of sophisticated tea making technology world-famous , Now ... what is left behind?

Dun Lan Tea Industry founders run their own business trip to B & B, feeling many overseas and even local tourists, attracted the advertised in major tea producing areas of Taiwan tea, either for gifts or for their own use, but do not know how to pick tea, so some products External packaging and advertising copy attracted, some hope that the cheaper, but in fact bought a poor mix of imported tea leaves Taiwan tea, or even directly under the name of Taiwan tea packaging sales, as well as non-food safety inspection source The problem of tea, all kinds of extremely best business practices exactly the same ... In the actual brewing brewing tasting prototype revealed, the face of foreign customers, please help us to identify authentic and fake, and asked the price is reasonable or not the moment, really Let us be ashamed ....

The artist's social responsibility has always been to persevere in the long way to create a lonely road.

The social responsibility of selling Chalong is always to hesitate to find a way to find good tea.

Now ~ You can start to feel comfortable about handing over the best tea to us. We insist on providing Taiwanese tea and finding the most original taste.

Taste good tea - people who understand life, Dun Lan Tea Industry, know Taiwan's tea house. Let Dun Lan bring you into mature adult tea new concept.